Ah Ha

A defining moment

Written by Garry on


A few years ago, your writer strolled into his local bistro and had one of those defining moments. It was a national holiday, where almost everything closes for the day and the country is quiet. A perfect day for an extended walk with the family dog, Kiva.

Upon walking through the door we hit the graveyard atmosphere. Everyone knows the moment when staff have not yet noticed that the music has stopped. Relaxed locals munch on their tasty breakfasts and cute guys and gals sip on their lattes. All have subconsciously taken note of the changed volume and conversations have reduced to whispers.

“Happy birthday everybody!”, I cried. Blank expressions, questioning faces, laughter and a few comments from the usual blokes were aimed in my direction. “October 3?”, I commented. “Reunification Day?”. Nothing.

One day, that might change.