Du Zone

Our own area of decision and choice

Written by Garry on


Interestingly enough, no one and no institution seems to have stated that the populace in Germany should or shouldn’t speak to each other in any certain way. Enough definitions, explanations can be found and the odd attempt to place the topic on the agenda has also been undertaken.

Each media approach to date, whether radio or in print has withered. Why is that? More important topics perhaps? But what could be more important than the possibility of the nation’s people became closer and more open and through that create a still better society.

The Du Zone is a defined space for each and everyone. Do I use Du on every person I meet? Do I have to make a decision to temporarily postpone that ideal and pick and choose? Or do I decide individually according to my mood and the situation?

Beware, each softening of one’s definition of the personal boundaries of the Du Zone reduces the ease and makes for more difficult situations.

Your writer speaks from many years of experience and having been asked to hold talks and write on the topic. The elderly love Du in my experience. The young are mostly more relaxed. It’s the guys and gals in the middle, the prime of life that are the cautious ones. Or should I say inexperienced, even shy?

Join the Du Project on Germany’s Great and do your little bit over the coming weeks, months and years. There are only 80 million of us. One by one.

All can create their own initiatives on how to declare their status and inspire others who enter their sphere to join in. Just imagine.

And remember, saying Du to someone would not imply intimacy nor lack of respect.