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The spice of life!

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Everyone likes a project and those that don’t we’ll not worry about. Many create projects of their own, others just like to join in.

Germany’s Great started the first Smile Days project in Düsseldorf 2007. That summer, people on the street were asked to donate their smile to create a welcoming atmosphere for the local American Football team, Rhein Fire. The success of hundreds of smiles saw the project followed on TV and in the Press. Debate was stirred about the health value of a smile.

The second topic stems from more personal experience of your writer. As an English speaking foreigner, the intellectual comprehension of personal and non-personal language never quite flows to the full in everyday interaction. A chance meeting led to a student design challenge in Berlin and the Du project was moved on a little further. More following.


Innumerable infectious individuals, young and old have started too to say Du. But it doesn't really work. Middle-aged men and women stand weaving their way through the language self-consciously avoiding the formal and the informal form of speech. It is painful and a complete waste of energy.

Reunification Day

One major day in Germany is Reunification Day, which has an interesting history. Nowadays, it falls on 3 October and almost everywhere closes. People relax, take a stroll, go window shopping, visit family and unfortunately, few Germans take the time to celebrate.

Smile Days

One of the first impressions German tourists encounter whilst they are on vacation abroad, is that strangers from other cultures smile at them. Many say they would love it if they experienced it at home, if they could bring that feeling to their neighbourhoods.