Huge, full and very scenic

Written by Garry on


In European terms, Germany is a very large country. Geographically it is located very centrally forming modern day highways and crossroads, as streams of trucks on the motorways (Autobahnen) show. In size, it is among the big four together with France, Poland and Spain.

The population numbers over eighty million. Demographic difficulties are already programmed for the future with the percentage of aged and frail people rapidly approaching critical numbers. Moves to allow larger numbers of younger professionals from abroad are still sluggish, so young German nationals need to be prepared to foot the bill.

The economy is traditionally strong with exports leading the world. “Made in Germany” is proving to be as popular as ever. Industry outdoes services to the chagrin of the rest of the members of the European Union. Imbalances in economies continue to weaken popularity of the “German way” amongst neighbouring countries.

The landscape is sometimes stunning. Majestic rivers weave in all directions through rolling hills, wide valleys and near rich, deep forests. Stretching from the mountains in the south to the coast in the north, history and the federal system has benefited a landscape full of beautiful cities.