Choosing the way we live

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Does society define the lifestyles of the citizens of a country such as Germany? Or do individual conduct and behavior, customs, habits and the ways of the folk ultimately form the society in which they live. As the debate continues, life goes on.

Germany is rather full. Some eighty million people live in the most populous country in the European Union. Politicians, associations and the clergy like to take control everyone’s lives in an almost manic fashion. And the populace tend to let them, anarchy is almost non existent.

Bread Rolls

After thirty odd years in the country, one day I decided to do something I had obviously never before attempted. We had guests staying and out I trotted with the dog to purchase some goodies at the baker I frequent. They have friendly, chatty and certainly

Fossil Fuels

In Germany, the government has bravely taken the challenge to substantially increase the use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Unfortunately the task of change is far from going smoothly, confusion reigns and consumers are footing the bill.


Germany seems to be a clean country compared to many others. The vast majority are respectful and general interest in all aspects of ecology is very widespread in this society. People possess high awareness and most children are taught early to be particularly conscientious.