The People

A vast populace yearning recognition

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The Germans are said to be respected yet not loved. Since its creation, modern day Germany has enabled its inhabitants to develop stronger character and higher ethic values.

On the whole, the people in Germany have a high standard of living and have resisted the polarisation of society that can be seen in many other nations. But things are changing with tensions mounting within a globalised world.


Driving habits differ in every country and in Germany especially, right of way can at times be a fairly dangerous concept for those who are not familiar with or have not been born into it. At junctions showing no road signs or markings, drivers definitely need to give way to those coming from the right.

Bread Rolls

After thirty odd years in the country, one day I decided to do something I had obviously never before attempted. We had guests staying and out I trotted with the dog to purchase some goodies at the baker I frequent. They have friendly, chatty and certainly

Brotherly Love

The most striking impression a foreigner receives upon arriving in Germany is the lack of smiling faces and a certain indifference on the streets. Why? Most Germans earn well, live well, have a good social system, material belongings, good infrastructure, freedoms, ease of travel and so on.