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The emotional country guide for Germany and the Germans

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Germany celebrated (sort of) twenty five years of reunification on October 3 2015 with all its successes and challenges. So what makes Germany great? Why are many millions of foreigners from across the globe attracted to settle here? Are they still welcome, especially with today’s confusing and massive migratory flows of people. Do Germans still resist patriotism and what makes them lovable?

Respected yet sometimes feared, Germany is also far too often underestimated. This reluctant leader and safe haven at the heart of Europe and the EU normally has a calming effect on much of the political and cultural landscape. And it has an influence on world events in a way that is surprising to some.

Germany’s Great is an emotional country guide that will reveal many truths and opinions. Feel free to agree or not. Feel invited to join in.



Even if many foreigners wonder whether Germans have any sense of humour, Germans love to laugh. Considering they can also be rather down-to-earth and pessimistic, that's quite a feat for the country of poets and thinkers. In fact, sensitive, deep humour has quite a long tradition in Germany.


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Germans might be a somewhat private folk but once the ice is broken, they can be as communicative as any. That is the point. The impression and image of the natives in Germany has arisen through a character trait, but contrary to popular belief, Germans are friendly and fun to be with.


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Flying the Flag

At last the shift from an unhealthy angst of nationalism to a tentative yet open patriotism has been accomplished. Waving the flag has become acceptable and widespread. The Germans have arrived home. For some, an insignificant step, for others and important ongoing phase of development.

The Time

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When someone in parts of Germany means three thirty, they say half before four (halb vier). In cross-cultural meetings, time can be more than the position of the hands of a clock. Check both time and language; a crucial amount of time can separate destinies.



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Smile Days

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One of the first impressions German tourists encounter whilst they are on vacation abroad, is that strangers from other cultures smile at them. Many say they would love it if they experienced it at home, if they could bring that feeling to their neighbourhoods.


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