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Germany is a great Nation. Respected, yet sometimes feared, it is also far too often underestimated. This safe haven at the heart of Europe and the EU normally has a calming effect on much of the political and cultural landscape. And it has an influence on world events in a way that is surprising to some.

Approaching twenty five years following reunification, what makes Germany great? Why are many millions of foreigners from across the globe attracted to settle here? Do Germans still resist patriotism? What makes these people lovable?

Germany’s Great is an emotional country guide that will reveal many truths and opinions. Feel free to agree or not. Feel invited to join in.



Even if many foreigners wonder whether Germans have any sense of humour, Germans love to laugh. Considering they can also be rather down-to-earth and pessimistic, that's quite a feat for the country of poets and thinkers. In fact, sensitive, deep humour has quite a long tradition in Germany.

The People

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The Germans are said to be respected yet not shown affection. Since its creation, modern day Germany has enabled its inhabitants to develop stronger character and higher ethic values. On the whole, the people in Germany have a high standard of living.


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Carol Singers

During the period between Christmas and Epiphany many children in Germany dress up as the Three Kings. The twelve days of Christmas are spent wandering from house to house, leaving strange markings above or beside the door. They read, for example, 20*C+M+B*14 for 2015.

Happy New Year

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In Germany people create an impressive private firework display from their balconies, gardens and public spaces such as the banks of the Rhine. Amazing Capitals hope the new year celebrations bring good cheer and that elusive optimism so yearned for.


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A warm welcome and thanks for visiting the new Germany's Great on Amazing Concepts. Enjoy the experience of perhaps the most curious guide for those interested in aspects of the Germans and Germany. Interested to know more about this powerful and important place? Enjoy the discoveries.

Smile Days 2013

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In a bookstore in Essen, a lovely young woman who comes from the United States perused the latest publications. Asked whether she would donate her smile to the Smile Days 2013, she hesitated not one instant. Her beautiful, open and friendly smile opens this season's project.


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