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Full of clear and relevant knowledge, Amazing Concepts are an inspiring family of websites taking a look at countries and their folk. As emotional introductions, they are written in the international language of business to assist anyone and everyone to gain quick insights.

They are designed to introduce people to the local culture, the quirkiness and individuality of places and the people inhabiting those places. It is here that readers find
Presenting a holistic approach for each unique community, the concept also offers opportunities to organisations and companies. Employers of such personnel are able to offer positive information to help attract foreigners to become part of their staff. Local authorities profit from better informed foreign residents and possibly an improved image.

An Opportunity

Amazing Concepts offer diverse formats to inform and help our readers. Independently owned and run by expats, they are funded by sponsorships and relevant advertising. Coexisting alongside official and tourism websites, the projects offer unique positioning into a fascinating audience at home and abroad.

Benefit from the features available in the format and utilize our site to gain value to brands, products and services. Who wouldn’t want to join such positive aspects?

Attractive Investment

Sponsor packages with high visibility are welcomed and the popular inexpensive full-page formats are available for annual bookings. Targeting this fascinating group of people can be achieved through highly flexible and focussed banner, teaser and overlay placement. The stunning panorama image supports multi-layered messaging in many combinations including focussed topics and themes such as “essentials” pages.

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