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People define places. Places define people. History, political ambitions and politician’s egos also form a country and its regions as do the ability of individuals to create businesses and jobs.

Libraries have always been fascinating places, full of vast collections of knowledge. Even more so when the search revealed the desired snippet of information. Search engines pump out a modern day collection covering everything under the sun. Facts, facts and more facts.

Countries and their folk are more than facts. We hope that those looking for a more emotional angle will enjoy what they find on these pages. Interesting facts, curious stories and tales too. Starting with Germany, one of the most curious nations on the planet, insights to many countries will develop on this platform. The teasers will lead our readers there.

Certain projects will be kicked off in various places and offered to the public domain for others to join in and have fun with.


Bread Rolls

After thirty odd years in the country, one day I decided to do something I had obviously never before attempted. We had guests staying and out I trotted with the dog to purchase some goodies at the baker I frequent. They have friendly, chatty and certainly

The People

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The Germans are said to be respected yet not shown affection. Since its creation, modern day Germany has enabled its inhabitants to develop stronger character and higher ethic values. On the whole, the people in Germany have a high standard of living.


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Flying the Flag

At last the shift from an unhealthy angst of nationalism to a tentative yet open patriotism has been accomplished. Waving the flag has become acceptable and widespread. The Germans have arrived home. For some, an insignificant step, for others and important ongoing phase of development.

The Time

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When someone in parts of Germany means three thirty, they say half before four (halb vier). In cross-cultural meetings, time can be more than the position of the hands of a clock. Check both time and language; a crucial amount of time can separate destinies.


The Projects

Germany's Great started the first Smile Days project in Düsseldorf 2007. Debate was stirred about the health value of a smile. A chance meeting with an English speaking foreigner led to a student design challenge in Berlin and the Du project was raised a level. More soon.

Smile Days 2010

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Germany had long come home in 2010, that's why we suggested turning May 1 and October 3 into smile days. We watched surprised, that few official events and even less individual initiatives took place so decided to show that a feel good factor can be developed and promoted with a smile.


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